GALA Sevilla through the Eyes of the Joint Forces of Sales and Project Management

It was a beautiful Sunday, March 22, when Joanna and I began our adventure. We’re heading to GALA conference! Read on to check out what happened on this amazing and exceptional trip.

We started with a long, 3 hour journey to the Warsaw Airport and we took off to Madrid from there. The flight was nice, at least for me, as Joanna is not a big fan of planes and flying. Thankfully, we landed without any problems and the rest of the travel went smoothly. Without any issues, we found the right train connection from Madrid to Sevilla. A piece of cake. GALA – here we come!

After arriving at the hotel, a quick refreshing, we found the Barcelo Recinamienti Hotel – the venue of the GALA event. We spent a lovely evening there, already meeting some of the nice people from the industry who also took part in the convention. Unfortunately, we missed the opening reception due to the late flight; however, thanks to the people we met, the evening was great, anyway.

So, it all really started the next day. Tons of sessions, all very informative. Joanna attended anything related to project management, technicalities, working with clients, their needs and the projects themselves. I had a pleasure of attending the Speed Networking session. It was a really good time. At the end of the session everyone was tired for sure, however, we did have fun and we also made some new contacts. When I was busy meeting new people, having fun with them and chatting away my one-minute-limits, Joanna was busy talking to interesting people by the booths.

Monday ended with a lovely dinner by the river bank, where we had the most beautiful view of Sevilla by night. This was a time of experiencing new flavors as well as networking, which never stops at GALA. Endless conversations about translation, localization, history, music and even some politics (yeah, I know we should avoid it in general but who could resist), and on top of that some dancing (one more time the title of the Dancing King goes to… you know who). We had our share of fun, which continued later that night with more interesting conversations. We learned a lot during that day and that evening.

Tuesday was even busier. We continued talking to many people from the translation industry, exchanged views, asked and answered questions. We also attended some of the sessions, including KnowledgeFest, where we discussed the challenges of working with XML. We also attended those focusing more on sales & marketing issues, learning how to stand out from the crowded localization industry and also how to improve the sales results.

During those two days, we enjoyed the refreshment breaks. Why? Of course because CONTRAD sponsored them. Interesting talks while having delicious pastry and coffee or juice in a nice atmosphere. We were glad to see the logo of our company on the napkins and hearing from people that they liked it there so much. Thank you, we loved it too!

On Tuesday all the participants had the opportunity to relax a bit while having drinks during the Happy Hour. This was time of fun and business all at once. Again, exchanging views, ideas, having really inspiring discussions, this made our start of the evening great. Later, people gathered in groups and headed out to Sevilla, to pubs, restaurants and Flamenco shows. We had a nice dinner with some lovely folks and went back to the hotel, to continue endless but so great discussions.

Then Wednesday came and it was time to pack. Again, the transfer to Madrid and then the flight to Warsaw. It was a pleasure, as we got to talk about what we experienced, reading and simply enjoying the views outside. Spain is beautiful and interesting, that is a fact.

We arrived home late in the evening, tired, but so happy. Full of new knowledge, enthusiasm and with lots of new experiences. Happy to have met many lovely people from all around the globe and I am sure we will meet them again at other translation industry events. Even though GALA Sevilla has ended, the great experience lives on. We both hope we will have the opportunity of meeting everyone again soon. It was a perfect combination of fun and development. Thank you GALA!

Karolina and Joanna.

PS. We loved all the sessions we attended, but let me mention a few of the ones that we particularly liked:

Freelancers: Angels or Demons? by Milena Rossi, Augustina Pioli, Fernando D’Aloia and Paula Zucherelli

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Challenge of Distance Management by Veronique Ozkaya and Anne-Helene Fink

Sales and Marketing on a Shoestring by Fabiano Cid

Positioned for Success: Standing Out in a Crowded Localization Space by Mark Hooper

From Impossible to Possible: Thriving From Disruptive Innovation by Diana Sanchez

The Many Challenges of Localizing XML Files by Ziad Chama

4 thoughts on “GALA Sevilla through the Eyes of the Joint Forces of Sales and Project Management”

  1. Dear Karolina and Joanna, it is so great to see you enjoyed the event, and felt you really learnt and met many contacts. That is exactly the GALA mission! And thank you for sponsoring. We’d love to have you share your experience via one of the GALA channels such as the webinars or newsletter but even better we hope to see you presenting in New York next year! The article you published on the SLV growing dilemma would for sure interest many many attendees.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Véronique. It’s always great to hear from you. And thanks for reading our blog! I’ll make sure the girls read your comment. They told me so much and were so excited about Sevilla event that I regret that I missed it again (although Istanbul was even a greater miss for me, a certified sports/football manager – I guess you know why ;-) I’ll certainly consider your kind offer re presenting in New York. If I commit, I guess I won’t be able to quit GALA event again ;-) Anyway, I need to visit the place where CBGBs once was. Thanks again and speak soon. Marek.

    2. Dear Veronique, Thank you for your comment and kind words. We had a fantastic time, indeed. It was a perfect combination of learning, networking and simply having fun. I look forward to the next GALA event, pretty sure, I will love it again! I hope to see you soon.
      Kind regards,

    3. Dear Véronique,
      thank you for the comment.
      Yes, the event was more than I wished for.
      So many inspiring people.

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