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Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality and Service Level/Collaboration Agreements – What Are Translators Afraid Of?

NDAs and SLAs have been around in the translation/localization industry for years. LSPs use them to both secure the confidentiality of end-clients’ content and projects so that valuable data is not revealed before the product hits the market and this way, the competition is left behind, as well as to clearly define the collaboration terms so that both sides know what to expect from each other and the subject of these requirements, usually the quality of language services (be it translation, localization, editing/revision, DTP, engineering, LSO, review and so on and so forth), different metrics, possible penalties and discounts. Often, there are other terms that are relationship-specific or secure other areas of mutual collaboration. What are you afraid of then?

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Limit Your Polish Translation Project and Vendor Management Risks

Walking on Thin Ice – 3 C’s That Will Make You Change Your Project and Vendor Management Approach – Control, Consolidation and Cost

“We prefer to work with freelancers.” – that’s what Vendor Managers, Procurement Managers, Project Managers or Production Managers usually answer to Single Language Vendor representatives offering them language services. The pros and cons of working with freelancers are well known to LSP executives and employees. SLVs (Single Language Vendors) are often perceived as a type of freelancers, just bigger and more costly, with no additional value. Is this a correct view on SLVs? Using freelancers for projects has become a habit in the localization industry and is a true driving force behind this business. But is it really an efficient approach? Are the risks behind sourcing and managing multiple freelancers during complex projects really worth it? Can you afford ignoring the benefits of collaboration with a┬áSingle Language Vendor?

You may say: “I don’t know any of those benefits, unless you consider the higher price a benefit”. But in fact, the benefits of working with an SLV are the same that you offer to your own clients. They are the reasons why your clients don’t go to freelancers directly with their tasks but go to you instead. This is the same added value that you offer your customers when closing a deal: greater CONTROL over the process and quality as well as supplier CONSOLIDATION that results in COST savings.

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